Remote living words
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Remote living words

Remote living words

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week’s newsletter is about remote living, whether that’s working remotely, taking classes online or having virtual catch ups with friends and family.

In this week’s Elementary–Intermediate Words we focus on essential words for talking about remote work and study.

In Advanced Words, we focus on words for talking about the technologies that enable remote living.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading we suggest three English-language pieces on remote living. We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter!

Elementary–Intermediate Words

  1. 远程办公/工作/学习 yuǎnchéng bàngōng/gōngzuò/xuéxí - remote work (formal)/remote work (colloquial)/remote study
  2. 远程 yuǎnchéng - remote
  3. 办公 bàngōng - work; to work (formal) 👨‍💼
  4. 工作 gōngzuò - work; to work (colloquial)
  5. 学习 xuéxí - study; to study 📚
  6. 混合办公 hùnhé bàngōng - hybrid work
  7. 混合 hùnhé - hybrid; to mix
  8. 在家办公/工作 zàijiā bàngōng/gōngzuò -  work from home (formal)/work from home (colloquial) 🏠
  9. 上网 shàngwǎng - to surf the web 🏄‍♂️
  10. 网络 wǎngluò - internet (colloquial); network 🌐

Advanced Words

  1. 因特网 yīntèwǎng - internet (formal loan word)
  2. 互联网技术 hùliánwǎng jìshù - internet technology
  3. 数据化 shùjùhuà - digitization 💾
  4. 视频会议 shìpín huìyì - video conference 👩‍💻
  5. 视频聊天 shìpín liáotiān - video chat
  6. 电子邮件 diànzǐyóujiàn - email ✉️
  7. 电子商务 diànzǐshāngwù - ecommerce 📦
  8. 电商 diànshāng - ecommerce (abbreviation)
  9. 外卖平台 wàimài píngtái - food delivery platform 🥢
  10. 在线教育 zàixiàn jiàoyù - online education 👨‍🏫

Supplementary Reading

Curated content to supplement coverage in newspapers and magazines

  1. The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically, Derek Thompson, The Atlantic
  2. What if Remote Work Didn’t Mean Working From Home?, Cal Newport, The New Yorker
  3. Here Are The Winners of Remote Work, Dror Poleg, The New York Times

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