Politics words + Celebrating the progress you've made in learning Chinese
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Politics words + Celebrating the progress you've made in learning Chinese

Politics words + Celebrating the progress you've made in learning Chinese

👋 Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week I cover words on the topic of politics. I also include my thoughts on the importance of celebrating the progress you’ve made in learning Chinese.

🎯 Words

  1. 政治 zhèngzhì - politics; political
  2. 政府 zhèngfǔ - government
  3. 大选 dàxuǎn - general election
  4. 投票 tóupiào - to vote; vote

多数 duōshù - majority; most

大多数 dàduōshù - vast majority

少数 shǎoshù - minority

极少数 jíshǎoshù - small minority

党 dǎng - (political) party

政党 zhèngdǎng - political party

  1. 总统 zǒngtǒng - president (of a country)
  2. 总理 zǒnglǐ - prime minister; premier

派 pài - faction; school of thought; group; to assign; to dispatch

左派 zuǒpài - (political) left; left wing

右派 yòupài - (political) right; right wing

  1. 保守 bǎoshǒu - conservative
  2. 进步 jìnbù - progress; to progress; (politically) progressive

主义 zhǔyì - -ism

民主主义 mínzhǔ zhǔyì - democracy

保守主义 bǎoshǒu zhǔyì - conservatism

进步主义 jìnbù zhǔyì - progressivism

自由主义 zìyóu zhǔyì - liberalism

爱国主义 àiguó zhǔyì - patriotism

💭 Thoughts

🧗‍♀️ The challenges of learning Chinese

Learning Chinese is hard. Learning and retaining words and characters, grammar structures, tones, pronunciations and everything else can be a real challenge.

I think we’ve all felt feelings of frustration, loss of motivation and questioned the whole endeavour of learning Chinese at one or more times. To this end, it’s important to have ways to address these feelings to avoid burnout and stay motivated.

One way to do that is to celebrate the progress you’ve made.

🎉 Celebrating the wins

This means celebrating the big wins:

  • Progressing to a higher grade
  • Finishing your existing textbook and starting a new one
  • Passing a certain level of a proficiency test

But it also means recognising those smaller moments which make you realize how much progress you’ve made:

  • Understanding more when you watch a Chinese-language TV show or movie
  • Recognizing more characters on menus and signs
  • Being able to better understand what others are saying
  • Blazing through a passage that you realize would have previously taken you 10-times longer to read

🌱 Reflecting on the progress you’ve made

Sometimes it’s easy to focus too much on where we’re heading rather than how far we’ve come, as we’re constantly shifting the goal posts. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What big wins have you had while learning Chinese in the last year or since you started?
  • When learning Chinese or applying your skills in the real world, what do you take for granted now that would have previously been challenging?

👀 Recommendations

MacroPolo (https://macropolo.org/), the in-house think tank of the Paulson Institute (https://www.paulsoninstitute.org/), which focusses on producing analysis of political economy, technology and energy in the context of China, US-China relations and China’s role in global affairs.

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Thanks for reading and see you next Thursday!

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