Movies, television and radio words
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Movies, television and radio words

Movies, television and radio words

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week’s newsletter is about movies, television and radio.

In this week’s Elementary–Intermediate Words we focus on essential words for talking about watching movies and television, and listening to the radio or music. In Advanced Words, we shift our attention to words focusing on some of the people involved with movies, television and radio: actors, directors, hosts, guests and, of course, the audience.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading we suggest an article on viral TV show Squid Game; an explainer on the rise of Marvel in movies and TV; and an opinion piece on how franchise films like Marvel and Star Wars have changed the movie industry. We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter!

Elementary–Intermediate Words

  1. 电影 diànyǐng - movie; film 🍿
  2. 电视 diànshì - television 📺

看 kàn - to watch; to see; to look at 👀

看电影 kàn diànyǐng - to watch a movie or film

看电视 kàn diànshì - to watch television

  1. 电影院 diànyǐngyuàn - cinema; movie theater 📽

去 qù - to go to (a destination)

去电影院 qù diànyǐngyuàn - to go to the cinema

  1. 电影票 diànyǐngpiào - movie ticket; cinema ticket 🎟

买 mǎi - to buy

买电影票 mǎi diànyǐngpiào - to buy movie tickets

  1. 音乐 yīnyuè - music 🎶
  2. 广播 guǎngbō - radio 📻

听 tīng - to listen 👂

听音乐 tīng yīnyuè - to listen to music

听广播 tīng guǎngbō - to listen to the radio

Advanced Words

拍 pāi - to shoot (a movie) 🎥; to take (a photo) 📷

拍电影 pāi diànyǐng - to shoot a movie

  1. 演员 yǎnyuán - actor or actress
  2. 导演 dǎoyǎn - director (of a movie)
  3. 主持人 zhǔchírén - host (of a TV or radio show)
  4. 嘉宾 jiābīn - guest (on a TV or radio show)
  5. 位 wèi - measure word for people (formal)

节目 jiémù - program

电视节目 diànshìjiémù - TV program

  1. 电视台 diànshìtái - TV station
  2. 观众 guānzhòng - audience (of a TV show); viewers
  3. 听众 tīngzhòng - audience (of a radio show); listeners

Supplementary Reading

  1. Everything to Know About ‘Squid Game’, the Surprise Netflix Hit Series, Martine Paris, Fortune
  2. How Marvel Took Over Cinema and TV, The Economist Explains, The Economist
  3. I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain., Martin Scorsese, The New York Times

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