Words on learning a foreign language
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Words on learning a foreign language

Words on learning a foreign language

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week’s newsletter is on the topic of learning a foreign language.

In this week’s Elementary–Intermediate Words we focus on words for talking about foreign language study at a high level, including explaining what language or languages you’re studying, what level of language proficiency you have and whether a language you’re learning is your first or second language.

In Advanced Words, we focus on words for talking about the nitty-gritty of language learning. This includes the different parts of learning a language such as vocabulary and grammar, as well as the different contexts in which a language might be used such as a working language.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading we suggest a language learning tool and a magazine article reflecting on the author’s personal experience with losing and then regaining their first language.

Elementary–Intermediate Words

  1. 学习 xuéxí - to study; study 📖
  2. 外语 wàiyǔ - foreign language 🌏

汉语 Hànyǔ - Chinese language (literally, the language of the Han Chinese people) 🇨🇳

英语 Yīngyǔ - English language

韩语 Hányǔ - Korean language 🇰🇷

日语 Rìyǔ - Japanese language 🇯🇵

菲律宾语 Fēilǜbīnyǔ - Filipino language 🇵🇭

法语 Fǎyǔ - French language 🇫🇷

西班牙语 Xībānyáyǔ - Spanish language

德语 Déyǔ - German language 🇩🇪

阿拉伯语 Ālābóyǔ - Arabic language

中文 Zhōngwén - Chinese language (literally, the language of China, emphasizing the written language) 🇨🇳

Generally speaking, 语 (yǔ) can be substituted for 文 (wén) in the above words too.

  1. 水平 shuǐpíng - level of proficiency

初级 chūjí - elementary 👍

中级 zhōngjí - intermediate 🙌

高级 gāojí - advanced 👏

  1. 流利 liúlì - fluent 🤸
  2. 母语 mǔyǔ - mother tongue; native language

第二语言 dìèr yǔyán - second language ✌️

第一语言 dìyī yǔyán - first language ☝️

  1. 语言 yǔyán - language

Advanced Words

  1. 生词 shēngcí - vocabulary item or items
  2. 口音 kǒuyīn - accent
  3. 词汇 cíhuì - vocabulary
  4. 语法 yǔfǎ - grammar
  5. 口语 kǒuyǔ - spoken language 🗣
  6. 听力 tīnglì - listening 👂
  7. 阅读 yuèdú - reading 📚
  8. 写作 xiězuò - writing ✍️

官方语言 guānfāng yǔyán - official language (of a country)

正式语言 zhèngshì yǔyán - official language (of an organisation or event such as the United Nations)

工作语言 gōngzuò yǔyán - working language 👩‍💻

  1. 通用语 tōngyòngyǔ - lingua franca; common language 🌏

Supplementary Reading

  1. Language Reactor: A powerful toolbox for learning languages, which is widely known for the Language Learning with Netflix browser extension for Chrome
  2. Forgetting My First Language, Jenny Liao, The New Yorker

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