International relations words + How the internet has transformed how we learn Chinese
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International relations words + How the internet has transformed how we learn Chinese

International relations words + How the internet has transformed how we learn Chinese

👋 Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week I cover words on the topic of international relations. I also include my thoughts on how the internet has transformed how we learn Chinese.

🎯 Words

国际关系 guójì guānxi - international relations

国际 guójì - international 🌐

关系 guānxi - relationship; relations 🤝

  1. 国家 guójiā - country; nation

外交政策 wàijiāo zhèngcè - foreign policy

政策 zhèngcè - policy

外交关系 wàijiāo guānxì - foreign relations

外交 wàijiāo - (relating to) foreign affairs; diplomacy; diplomatic

外交事务 wàijiāo shìwù - foreign affairs

事务 shìwù - (foreign, political, business, economic and so on) affairs

贸易 màoyì - trade 📦

国际贸易 guójì màoyì - international trade

  1. 全球化 quánqiúhuà - globalization 🌏

国际组织 guójì zǔzhī - international organization

组织 zǔzhī - organisation; to organise

  1. 联合国 Liánhéguó - United Nations 🇺🇳
  2. 国际货币基金组织 Guójì Huòbì Jījīnzǔzhī - International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  3. 世界银行 World Bank - Shìjiè Yínháng

💭 Thoughts

The internet has transformed how we learn Chinese. Over the last two decades, the growing reach and capability of internet technologies has gradually but fundamentally changed how we are able to learn Chinese.


In 2002, if you wanted to learn Chinese and to learn about China, then you would most likely go about it in a couple of ways:

  • 👩‍🏫 You could find a Chinese teacher in the place that you lived, but that could be difficult depending on where you lived - and especially if you weren’t a student
  • 📚 You could get a hold of books and courses, but would probably need to buy them from a brick-and-mortar store
  • 🐼 You could watch some Chinese movies and TV shows, eat at some Chinese restaurants and shop at some Chinese grocery stores, but your options were probably quite narrow

In any case, you would probably need to put in a quite a bit - or a lot - of effort to get good Chinese language learning resources.


In 2022, the internet has changed our access to language learning resources. Today’s Chinese language student has access to more resources than ever before:

  • 👩‍🏫 You can now find a Chinese teacher online that’s a good fit for your learning style and do one-on-one classes from wherever you like
  • 📚 You can now buy any Chinese textbook online and have it shipped to your door and have access to an ever-growing world of online course and learning materials - much of which is free
  • 🐼 You can now watch thousands of Chinese movies and TV shows online and, particularly if you live in a major city, order from Chinese restaurants specialising in regional cuisines and Chinese grocery stores using your smartphone

We live in exciting times.

👀 Recommendations

italki (, a popular language learning platform for finding teachers and tutors for one-on-one online classes.

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