Words on goal setting + Ideas on goal setting and staying motivated
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Words on goal setting + Ideas on goal setting and staying motivated

Words on goal setting + Ideas on goal setting and staying motivated

What are you hoping to achieve this year when it comes to your Chinese language studies?

Here are some tips for thinking about goal setting and staying motivated:

  1. Understand what motivates you. We are all learning Chinese for different reasons and respond best to different learning styles. Aligning your language learning approach with these differences can make all the difference.
  2. Distinguish between outcome and process goals. Outcome goals are the end results you want to achieve (e.g., reading a book in Chinese), while process goals are the improvement and growth you’d like to achieve over the year (e.g., studying flashcards each day).
  3. Think in quarters and years instead of weeks and months. Learning Chinese is a marathon and not a sprint.
  4. Be holistic in your goal setting. Aim for a balance between your Chinese language learning ambitions and hopes in other areas of your life.


Approximately in ascending order from elementary to advanced

  1. 〇/零 líng - zero
  2. 二〇二二年 èrlíngèrèrnián  - the year 2022 🎉
  3. 目标 mùbiāo - goal; objective; target; aim 🎯
  4. 目的 mùdì - purpose; goal; objective; aim
  5. 达到 dádào - to achieve; to reach; to attain
  6. 成功 chénggōng - success; to succeed
  7. 努力 nǔlì - to put in a lot of effort; diligent; hard-working
  8. 认真 rènzhēn - conscientious
  9. 希望 xīwàng - hope; to hope for
  10. 愿望 yuànwàng - aspiration; wish; desire
  11. 积极 jījí - enthusiastic; positive; active ✨
  12. 激励 jīlì - to motivate; to encourage
  13. 困难 kùnnan - difficult; difficulty
  14. 障碍 zhàngài - obstacle; barrier

克服 kèfú - to overcome

克服困难 kèfú kùnnan - to overcome difficulties

克服障碍 kèfú zhàngài - to overcome an obstacle

  1. 梦想 mèngxiǎng - dream ☁️

实现 shíxiàn - to realize; to achieve

实现愿望 shíxiàn yuànwàng - to realize an aspiration

实现梦想 shíxiàn mèngxiǎng - to realize a dream


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