Finance words
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Finance words

Finance words

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week’s newsletter is on the topic of finance.

In this week’s Elementary–Intermediate Words we focus on essential words for talking about investing and stocks, both of which are popular finance-related topics in everyday life. In Advanced Words, we include words for talking about other common topics in finance such as exchange rates, central banks and interest rates.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading, we suggest an article on Isaac Newton’s big investing mistake in the year 1720; a piece on the state of venture capital in 2021; and an article on the limits of our ability to understand how the coronavirus pandemic is influencing the economy. We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter!

Elementary–Intermediate Words

金融 jīnróng - finance

金融市场 jīnróng shìchǎng - financial markets

投资 tóuzī - to invest; investment

投资者 tóuzīzhě - investor

投资人 tóuzīrén - investor

银行 yínháng - bank 🏦

投资银行 tóuzī yínháng - investment bank

  1. 会计 kuàijì - accounting

风险 fēngxiǎn - risk

风险投资 fēngxiǎn tóuzī - venture capital

股票 gǔpiào - stock; shares

股市 gǔshì - stock market

股价 gǔjià - stock price; share price

  1. 购买 gòumǎi - to buy (formal)
  2. 上涨 shàngzhǎng - to rise 📈
  3. 下跌 xiàdiē - to fall 📉
  4. 上市 shàngshì - to be publicly listed on the stock market (for a company); to be available on the market (for a product)

Advanced Words

基金 jījīn - fund

套利基金 tàolì jījīn - hedge fund

  1. 资金 zījīn - funds

资本 zīběn - capital

资本市场 zīběn shìchǎng - capital markets

货币 huòbì - currency

人民币 Rénmínbì - renminbi (RMB) 🇨🇳

美元 Měiyuán - US dollar 🇺🇸

欧元 Ōuyuán - euro 🇪🇺

英镑 Yīngbàng - pound sterling 🇬🇧

  1. 汇率 huìlǜ - exchange rate
  2. 升值 shēngzhí - to appreciate; to increase in value 📈
  3. 贬值 biǎnzhí - to depreciate; to decrease in value 📉
  4. 监管 jiānguǎn - to regulate

中央 zhōngyāng - central

中央银行 zhōngyāng yínháng - central bank

  1. 利率 lìlǜ - interest rate

Supplementary Reading

  1. Investors Have Been Making the Same Mistake for 300 Years, Thomas Levenson, The Atlantic
  2. The Bright New Age of Venture Capital, Finance and Economics, The Economist
  3. The Black Box Economy, Emily Stewart, Vox

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