Everyday object words (throwback)
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Everyday object words (throwback)

Everyday object words (throwback)

Note: Dear Reader, we hope that you enjoy this throwback issue of Giant Mandarin. When it comes to language learning, revision is crucial. What’s more, as a passion project, throwback issues help keep the show running. Thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to bringing you new content!

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week’s newsletter is about the everyday objects around you in your house or apartment.

In this week’s Elementary–Intermediate Words we focus on words for the everyday objects you might encounter in your typical morning. In Advanced Words, we focus on words for the everyday objects you might encounter during the rest of your day.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading we provide three English-language recommendations covering product reviews, inconvenient everyday objects and the comfort of routine. We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter!

Elementary–Intermediate Words

  1. 床 chuáng - bed 🛏
  2. 手机 shǒujī - mobile phone 📱
  3. 牙刷 yáshuā - toothbrush 🪥
  4. 牙膏 yágāo - toothpaste
  5. 碗 wǎn - bowl 🥣
  6. 盘子 pánzi - plate 🍽
  7. 勺子 sháozi/叉子 chāzi/刀 dāo/筷子 kuàizi - spoon 🥄/fork/knife/chopsticks 🥢
  8. 杯子 bēizi - cup ☕️; glass 🥛
  9. 水壶 shuǐhú - kettle
  10. 咖啡机 kāfēijī - coffee machine

Advanced Words

  1. 椅子 yǐzi - chair 🪑
  2. 桌子 zhuōzi - table; desk
  3. 耳机 ěrjī - headphones 🎧
  4. 显示器 xiǎnshìqì - computer monitor 🖥
  5. 键盘 jiànpán - keyboard ⌨️
  6. 窗户 chuānghu - window 🪟
  7. 锅 guō - pot 🥘; pan 🍳
  8. 电饭煲 diànfànbāo - rice cooker
  9. 洗碗机 xǐwǎnjī - dishwasher
  10. 洗衣机 xǐyījī - washing machine

Supplementary Reading

  1. Wirecutter: A website with product recommendations, reviews and comparisons for those that want the best
  2. The Uncomfortable: A collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani
  3. The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day, Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic

That’s it for this week. What did you think of this week’s newsletter? Please get in touch to let us know what you think. We’ll read every message. Thanks for reading and see you next Thursday!

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