Electric vehicle words
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Electric vehicle words

Electric vehicle words

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week’s newsletter is about electric vehicles.

In this week’s Elementary–Intermediate Words we focus on essential words for talking about cars (whether electric, petrol or diesel powered) and the transition to electric cars.

In Advanced Words, we focus on words for talking about self-driving cars—a topic that goes hand-in-hand with electric cars.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading we suggest three English-language pieces on electric vehicles. We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter!

Elementary–Intermediate Words

  1. 电动 diàndòng/汽油 qìyóu/柴油汽车 cháiyóuqìchē - electric/petrol/diesel car
  2. 汽车 qìchē - car (formal) 🚗
  3. 车 chē - car (colloquial) 🚙
  4. 辆 liàng - measure word for vehicles
  5. 电池 diànchí - battery 🔋
  6. 行业 hángyè - industry
  7. 转型 zhuǎnxíng - to transform structurally; structural transformation
  8. 普及率 pǔjílǜ - popularization rate
  9. 普及 pǔjí - popular; to popularize
  10. 率 lǜ - rate

Advanced Words

  1. 自动驾驶 zìdòngjiàshǐ - self-driving
  2. 自动 zìdòng - automatic 🤖
  3. 驾驶 jiàshǐ - to drive (formal) 🚦
  4. 交通事故 jiāotōngshìgù - traffic accident 🤕
  5. 数据 shùjù - data 💾
  6. 积累 jīlěi - to accumulate; accumulation

北京开放自动驾驶高速测试场景 商用车需购买高额事故责任险, Caixin, July 28, 2021

  1. 适应性 shìyìngxìng - adaptability
  2. 测试 cèshì - to test

智能车“未来已来”, Daily Business (affiliated with Hangzhou Daily), August 22, 2021

  1. 电气 diànqì/智能化 zhìnénghuà - electrification/”smartification”
  2. 势力 shìli - force (as in military forces or police force but more widely applicable)

Supplementary Reading

Curated content to supplement coverage in newspapers and magazines

  1. The Road to Electric Is Filled With Tiny Cars, Lavender Au, Rest of World
  2. Millions of Electric Cars Are Coming. What Happens to All the Dead Batteries?, Ian Morse, Science Magazine
  3. How Software Is Eating the Car, Robert N. Charette, IEEE Spectrum

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