Economics words
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Economics words

Economics words

Note: Dear Reader, we hope that you enjoy this throwback issue of Giant Mandarin. When it comes to language learning, revision is crucial. What’s more, as a passion project, throwback issues help keep the show running. Thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to bringing you new content!

Welcome to this belated issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This issue is about economics.

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In this issue’s Elementary–Intermediate Words, we focus on essential words for talking about economics, including markets and competition, demand and supply, and consumers and firms. In Advanced Words, we focus on words for talking about economics at a deeper level, including microeconomics and macroeconomics, scarcity and efficiency, and developing and developed economies.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading we suggest an article on the question of whether or not the global economy will return to normal in 2022; a piece discussing developments in the Chinese economy; and a resource on understanding economic growth. We hope you enjoy this issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter!

Elementary–Intermediate Words

  1. 经济 jīngjì - economy; economic

学 xué - field of study; to study; to learn 📚

经济学 jīngjìxué - economics

心理学 xīnlǐxué - psychology 💭

数学 shùxué - mathematics

工程学 gōngchéngxué - engineering 🛠

物理学 wùlǐxué - physics

化学 huàxué - chemistry 🧪

哲学 zhéxué - philosophy ❓

文学 wénxué - literature

历史学 lìshǐxué - history

人类学 rénlèixué - anthropology

社会学 shèhuìxué - sociology

  1. 市场 shìchǎng - market
  2. 竞争 jìngzhēng - competition; to compete
  3. 需求 xūqiú - demand
  4. 供给 gōngjǐ - supply; to supply

消费 xiāofèi - to consume

消费者 xiāofèizhě - consumer

公司 gōngsī - company

企业 qǐyè - enterprise

  1. 生产 shēngchǎn - production; to produce

水平 shuǐpíng - level

生活水平 shēnghuó shuǐpíng - standard of living

收入水平 shōurù shuǐpíng - income level

Advanced Words

微观 wēiguān - micro-

微观经济学 wēiguān jīngjìxué - microeconomics

宏观 hóngguān - macro-

宏观经济学 hóngguān jīngjìxué - macroeconomics

稀缺 xīquē - scarce

稀缺性 xīquēxìng - scarcity

  1. 效率 xiàolǜ - efficiency
  2. 商品 shāngpǐn - goods
  3. 劳务 láowù - services
  4. 产品 chǎnpǐn - products

发展 fāzhǎn - to develop; development

经济发展 jīngjì fāzhǎn - economic development

发展中国家 fāzhǎnzhōng guójiā - developing country

发达 fādá - developed

发达国家 fādá guójiā - developed country

危机 wēijī - crisis

经济危机 jīngjì wēijī - economic crisis

Supplementary Reading

  1. Will the World Economy Return to Normal in 2022?, Henry Curr, The Economist
  2. Is China in Big Trouble?, Paul Krugman, The New York Times
  3. Economic Growth, Max Roser, Our World In Data

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