Clothes words
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Clothes words

Clothes words

Welcome to this week’s issue of the Giant Mandarin newsletter. This week’s newsletter is about clothes. Since clothes are a part of all of our everyday lives, it’s an important topic for us as language learners.

In this week’s Elementary–Intermediate Words we focus on the words for the most common clothing items and their corresponding measure words, as well as colours. In Advanced Words, we include words on additional clothing items, the topic of trying on clothes and the topic of fashion and brands.

Finally, in Supplementary Reading we suggest a piece on Chinese sneaker and sports apparel brand Li-Ning; an article on “ultra-fast” fashion; and a piece on breakout online fast-fashion retailer Shein. We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter!

Elementary–Intermediate Words

  1. 衣服 yīfu - clothes
  2. 穿 chuān - to wear; to put on
  3. 衬衫 chènshān - shirt 👔
  4. 件 jiàn - measure word for certain items and things, including particular types of clothing like shirts

裤子 kùzi - pants; trousers

长裤 chángkù - full-length pants; full-length trousers

短裤 duǎnkù - shorts 🩳

  1. 裙子 qúnzi - dress; skirt 👗
  2. 条 tiáo - measure word for things that are long and narrow, including pants and dresses

鞋(子)xiézi  - shoes

运动鞋 yùndòngxié - sneakers 👟

皮鞋 píxié - leather shoes; dress shoes 👞

高跟鞋 gāogēnxié - high heels 👠

  1. 双 shuāng - measure for items and things that come in pairs, including shoes

颜色 yánsè - color

黑色 hēisè - black ⚫️

白色 báisè - white ⚪️

红色 hóngsè - red 🔴

绿色 lǜsè - green 🟢

蓝色 lánsè - blue 🔵

黄色 huángsè - yellow 🟡

紫色 zǐsè - purple 🟣

Advanced Words

  1. 牛仔裤 niúzǎikù - jeans 👖
  2. T恤 T xù - T-shirt
  3. 试 shì - to try
  4. 大小 dàxiǎo - size
  5. 合适 héshì - suitable
  6. 服装 fúzhuāng - clothing; apparel (formal)
  7. 品牌 pǐnpái - brand
  8. 名牌 míngpái - famous brand

时尚 shíshàng - fashion

快时尚 kuài shíshàng - fast fashion

  1. 时髦 shímáo - fashionable

Supplementary Reading

  1. Li-Ning Says Hi to the World, Blake Abbie, SSENSE Editorial
  2. Ultra-Fast Fashion Is Eating the World, Rachel Monroe, The Atlantic
  3. A Look Inside Shein, the Multibillion Dollar Retail Enigma Upending the Global Fashion Industry, Chang Che and Jiayun Feng, SupChina

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